Pie-Gate: Lard vs. Butter

Screw the upcoming election. Here at Cookies and Salt, we know what’s really been on your mind: What type of dough should you use for your pies this holiday season!? Lard or Butter???? The indecision!! The agony!!! Well, lucky for you, the Cookies and Salt team has launched a preliminary investigation to resolve this hot-button issue… our very […]

Candied Bacon

As if bacon wasn’t already magical enough, I am about to share with you a way to make bacon even better. I know that this may seem like some sort of scam or mirage because SURELY how could anyone improve on salty, crispy bacon? Well, fair reader, in case you forgot, I am as generous as […]

Cooking Class 101: Blanching

Welcome back to cooking class 101. Let’s talk about Blanche! Or rather, blanching. Blanching a vegetable, sadly, is not nearly as entertaining as an episode of The Golden Girls, but it is a technique that is simple and extremely helpful in the kitchen. Blanching is the technique of quickly cooking something in boiling water and […]