Derby Days with Frozen Mint Juleps

We might be in the middle of the NBA finals*, but for me there’s only one game, err…race, in town: The Kentucky Derby. As the first race of the infamous Triple Crown, the Derby is a pageant of ponies, bourbon, and ridiculous hats. Basically it’s the greatest sporting event ever (PONIES!!!!!!!!).  If pretty ponies haven’t […]

St. Patrick’s Day Irish Coffee

It’s Saint Patrick’s Day! Today is the day where we all take the time to celebrate an Irish priest who drove the **snakes** out of Ireland. Whether you celebrate the holiday as a religious feast and break from the restrictions of Lent or as an excuse for public intoxication and disorderly conduct, I think we can all agree […]

Orange Bourbon Monkey Bread

My husband recently celebrated his 38th birthday. For this grand occasion, he didn’t want a traditional birthday cake (or any type of birthday celebration, for that matter), so he asked me to make him monkey bread. He had never had it and I had never made it. Here’s a few words from the wise, regarding […]

Decorating Christmas Cookies

Happy Christmas Eve, Gentle Readers! I am sneaking one last holiday post in before Christmas. Decorating Christmas cookies for Santa, listed in order from easiest to hardest. Don’t worry too much, though, because none of these are particularly tricky. Plus, cookies are for eating first and foremost. Even if they look like you had few too […]

Holidays: French Crumble Apple Pie

I lurve this apple pie recipe sooooo much. It is featured in the Rutherford Family Thanksgiving Dinner every year. That’s a pretty big deal considering that we are the family that voted turkey off the Thanksgiving menu. This apple pie, however, belongs in the Rutherford Hall of Fame. At one Thanksgiving in particular, I ate […]