Birthday DIY: The Grown Up Piñata

For my 30th birthday celebration, I tried to think of some fun, yet easy, activities for me and my friends to do on our Texas Hill Country retreat. I had a house, my friends, and a bad-ass party theme that lent itself to a variety of festivities (the theme was “Jock Jams-Disney Princess-Pizza-Star Wars” and […]

Birthday Bash: Chicken Enchiladas Verdes

For my big 30th birthday celebration, I decided to get my friends together for a weekend getaway to the hill country for some extreme relaxing. The itinerary included drinking Bloody Mary’s, napping, talking, more napping, and eating. We are some wild and crazy Kids! This may seem like a lame way to celebrate the big 3-0, […]

Cooking Class 101: Blanching

Welcome back to cooking class 101. Let’s talk about Blanche! Or rather, blanching. Blanching a vegetable, sadly, is not nearly as entertaining as an episode of The Golden Girls, but it is a technique that is simple and extremely helpful in the kitchen. Blanching is the technique of quickly cooking something in boiling water and […]

Happy Pie-Day: Quiche Lorraine

When I went to Paris a few years back, I got to sample the classic French tart, Quiche Lorraine. I ate this amazing buttery, bacon-filled tart (along with a lot of other things filled with butter) as often as I could get my grubby little hands on one.  I ate it for breakfast, on picnics […]

Rapini with Goat Cheese and Sausage

Rapini, a.k.a. broccoli rabe, is a wonderful leafy green that looks like broccoli and spinach had a baby. You most commonly see rapini in the classic Italian dish, Orecchiette with Rapini (I used rigatoni here because I was fresh out of Orecchiette). Though there are many different versions of this Italian staple, I like to add goat […]