Orange Bourbon Monkey Bread

My husband recently celebrated his 38th birthday. For this grand occasion, he didn’t want a traditional birthday cake (or any type of birthday celebration, for that matter), so he asked me to make him monkey bread. He had never had it and I had never made it. Here’s a few words from the wise, regarding […]

Happy Hour: The Hot Toddy

With its cold crisp air and fuzzy sweaters, Winter can be an absolutely magical season. Sometimes, though, Winter can be a real bitch. Between getting sick with the world’s never ending cold/sinus infection and Houston’s freakish winter weather, Winter and I are currently not getting along. Its times like these that call for the ultimate winter (and illness) […]

Traditional Beef Stew

Living in Houston, you end up dealing with a lot of crazy weather. From humid, 100 degree summers to torrential rainstorms that seem to appear at random, I put up with a lot because, as crazy as the weather can be, Houston is a pretty awesome place to live. But freezing cold temperatures? Absolutely not, […]