Three Easy Desserts-Pantry Edition

Its easy to plan, prep, and execute a big fancy dessert when you are having a dinner party with plenty of advanced notice, but that isn’t how most of the entertaining goes down at Cookies and Salt HQ. More often than not, I’m having a few friends over for a last minute shindig or to binge watch crappy T.V. with me (sooo classy).

All of the ingredients featured in all of these recipes

And what inevitably happens with all gatherings at my house is we get hungry and want dessert. But unless my friends want to wait for two hours while I bake and decorate a cake, fancy pants dessert time* just isn’t going to happen on the fly. So I keep my pantry and freezer stocked for quick, last minute desserts so that I can have my proverbial cake and eat it too. So let’s dive in to another edition of my Three Easy Recipes Series. This time we are focusing on making lowly vanilla ice cream taste like unicorns and sunshine in your mouth with nothing more than a few ingredients from your pantry. Let’s begin, shall we?

Three Easy Desserts: Ice Cream/Pantry Edition

For all three of these recipes, I used Talenti Vanilla Bean gelato, but any good quality store-bought vanilla ice cream or gelato will do.

First Up: Gelato Affogatto: Gelato affogato is literally just coffee or espresso poured over ice cream. Its insanely simple and insanely delicious.

  • What you need: Good quality Vanilla Ice Cream and freshly brewed coffee or Espresso- The key with anything this simple is to not skimp on the ingredients.
  • The Recipe: First, brew a pot of your favorite espresso or coffee. Scoop the gelato into a pretty dish or mug. Pour the coffee over it and serve. Then say its “affogato” and feel super fancy and Italian. For extra fun times (a.k.a. alcoholic fun times), add a little Bailey’s Irish cream, whiskey, or your favorite liquor to the mix.

Second: Vanilla Ice Cream with Honey and Granola: This topping may seem like I’m trying to serve breakfast cereal to my house guests, but this combination is deceptively good. About five or six years ago, Haagen-dazs came out with an ice cream flavor that was vanilla ice cream with honey and granola swirled throughout it. I ate it by the pint full and would have continued on my path of honey/granola hedonism had Haagen-dazs not discontinued it (both a blessing and a curse).

  • What You Need: Good quality Honey Almond Granola (or your own personal favorite granola), Honey, and Vanilla
  • The Recipe: Scoop out your vanilla ice cream. Top with granola and drizzle the honey over the top. The honey will thicken with freezing cold ice cream while the granola will add a nice crunch.

Third: Pantry Ice Cream SandwichesLike the other two recipes, this one is insanely simple.

  • What You Need: A really good quality store bought cookie (I used Tate’s Chocolate Chip Cookies, but Biscoff, Walkers Short Bread, or even the fancy Pepperidge Farms cookies would work), vanilla ice cream
  • The Process: Using a small ice cream scoop or tablespoon, place one scoop of ice cream on your cookie. Take another cookie and place it on top. If you are making more than one cookie sandwich, place the already made cookie sandwiches in the freezer while you work. You can also make these a few hours in advance and they will still taste awesome.

And that’s it. None of these recipes are particularly earth shattering, but they are simple, quick, and taste really, really tasty. So stock up your pantry and freezer and never spend a night sans dessert again.

Disclaimer: Despite the name dropping happening up in this post, this was completely unsponsored. Dumb.

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