Valentines Day Ice Cream Sandwiches

Its Valentine’s Day, folks, and you know what that means: an awkward and expensive night out with your significant other or an awkward and less expensive evening with yourself. Though I can’t take the awkward out of Valentines day (I’ve tried. It never works), I can, at least, give you the power to make an ice cream sandwich, which is a pretty miraculous power to have.

 Valentines Day Ice cream sandwiches


Oh Talenti Gelato, you’re more than enough Valentine for me.
  • Your favorite cookie dough that can be rolled out and cut into heart (think sugar cookies, or try my honey molasses crisps recipe or my shortbread recipe)*
  • 1 cup chocolate chips
  • 2 teaspoons flavorless oil such as grape seed or vegetable oil.
  • Your favorite ice cream, softened (I used Talenti’s Caramel and Salt gelato because it tastes like everything that is good in this world)

*If you decide to forgo making your own cookies, I recommend buying some Valentines Day cookies from your grocery’s bakery or even heading to the cookie aisle. I recommend Walkers shortbread (you could still decorate them with piped lettering) or Tate’s chocolate chip cookies.


  • Heart Shaped Cookie Cutter
  • Microwave safe bowl or double boiler for melting the chocolate
  • Small piping bag or Ziploc bag for piping decoration
  • Paper Towel
  • Spoon/ice cream scoop and knife for spreading ice cream
  • Optional: Parchment paper to lay your cookies out on for piping-this makes for easy clean up.

The Process:

1) Make/gather your cookies. I used my recipe for honey molasses crisp cookies. It has cinnamon and clove, which work well with the salted caramel. This cookie would also work well with vanilla or chocolate ice cream.

2) Melt your chocolate for piping. You can use a double boiler or the microwave

For the Home-Made Double Boiler: Place a 1/2” to 1” of water in the bottom of a sauce pan. On medium-low heat, heat the water to a low simmer (hot to the touch, steamy, but with very few bubbles). Place a heat proof bowl over the sauce pan. The bottom of your bowl should not be touching the water. Pour the chocolate chips and oil in the bowl and begin stirring the chocolate and oil until the chocolate is melted and smooth.

Homemade double boiler: 1 bowl and 1 sauce pan. Voila!

The Microwave Method: Place your chocolate and oil in a microwave proof bowl. In 10 second increments, heat your chocolate making sure to stir the chocolate between bouts of microwaving. Repeat until completely melted and smooth.

3) After melting the chocolate, let it cool for a minute or two and then place it in your piping bag. Set aside.

4) Lay half of your cookies out on a flat surface for decoration (the other half will make up the bottom of your sandwiches). Using your piping bag and gentle pressure, pipe decorations on your cookies. Make sure to wipe the chocolate off of the tip of your piping bag between cookies to keep your piping nice and neat.  You can just do swirls or drizzle design (its abstract. You’re a baby Jackson Pollack!) or you can pipe lettering on your cookies like those cheesy “Be Mine” Valentine’s Day Sweetheart Candies.

I piped chocolate along the edge and wrote a simple message in the middle to give these cookies that stale, Valentines-Sweetheart candy-look.

5) Let the chocolate on your cookies dry for 20 to 30 minutes (it will be a smidge soft even after drying, but that’s ok).

6) Spread a scoop of your softened ice cream onto your reserved plain cookies the bottom half of your ice cream sandwich. The cookie should have a nice even layer of ice cream across it. Gently place the decorated cookie on top. If you’re ice cream is a little on the melted side, then place the sandwich on a cookie sheet and place in it  the freezer until ice cream has reset and hardened up a bit. If you’re making more than one or two sandwiches at a time, definitely place each sandwich in the freezer as you finish them to keep them from melting while you assemble new sandwiches.

7) Enjoy your ice cream sandwich as you look longingly into your lover’s eyes. If you are solo on Valentines day because you are a strong self actualized human being, then eat your ice cream sandwich as you stare longingly at your own awesomeness in the mirror. Either way I recommend that you stare at something longingly on Valentines Day, which of course isn’t weird or creepy.

Disclaimer: I received nothing for this post, except my loved one’s adoration. And an ice cream sandwich, which is honestly better than my loved one’s adoration.


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