Holiday: Kitchen Holiday Gift Guide Part One

As much as I love Thanksgiving, to me, it will always be the holiday pit stop on the road to the sparkliest, happiest holiday of all: Christmas. Unlike Thanksgiving, Christmas has awesome things like cookies and glitter and pine trees and weird traditions involving an elderly fat man with reindeer. How can you beat that?

The other fun thing about the holidays is that you get to pick out (and, if your lucky, receive) lots of cool presents for loved ones. I decided this year that I wanted to do a kitchen holiday gift guide that featured items that are as budget friendly as they are cool. I could think of only one place to go: my favorite store/meditation, happy place-Target. If you are assuming that this post is basically an excuse for me to go shopping at Target and pick out all my favorite things, then you would be correct. Hopefully, though, this post gives you some affordable and chic gift options to spice up the kitchen and tables of your favorite people too.

fullsizeoutput_14f8Numero Uno on my ListThis Marble & Gold Barware Tool Set from Threshold™ is sooo pretty and sophisticated. It makes my bar cart look very glamorous and makes me feel like Elizabeth Taylor.

fullsizeoutput_14fbItem #2: I love the etching on this simple, white embossed bowl (again, Threshold). You can’t see it in this picture, but the rim is lined with gold.  The embossed design and gold add a wonderful art-deco vibe to a simple white bowl making this piece both utilitarian and fancy.

fullsizeoutput_14f7Number 3: Speaking of things that are utilitarian and gold, these gold measuring cups are amazing and would make a great stocking stuffer. They make me feel like I’m the fanciest baker in all the land! I love them so much that they are now a permanent installation in my kitchen.

fullsizeoutput_14f4Number 4: Finally something that’s not gold! These copper moscow mule mugs are cheap yet fancy (“Cheap Yet Fancy” is also the new name of my upcoming biography).  Typically, copper mosocow mule mugs typically start at around $19.99 and go up from there, but the $9.99 price tag on these pretty little mugs makes them a steal.

fullsizeoutput_14f1Number 5: This might be one of my favorite items I found at Target this year. Its a T-Rex Cookie Jar!!! When I first saw this, my inner child went like this, “AHHHHHHHHH! I need this!”, while my adult self went,  “AHHHHHHH! I need this!” The matte white finish keeps this dinosaur firmly on the side of whimsical and kitschy and far away from “I stole this from my 5 year old nephew” territory .  Also, if you buy this, you can have a baby T-Rex living in your kitchen all the time. ALL THE TIME.

Stay tuned for the next installment of my holiday gift guide, which will be filled with even more shiny and pretty things for the kitchen.

Cookies and Salt Disclaimer: I received no money or free swag from Target for this post. Sadly, I bought all of these items with my hard earned cash. Target didn’t give me anything, not even that awesome T-Rex cookie jar, for featuring them. So don’t worry. I didn’t sell out to Target, even though I desperately wanted to because I love them. 

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