About Me

That’s me and the other half of this operation, Frankie the Kitchen Dog

Well hello there! My name is Jessica and I heart food. I am an avid home chef, who loves cooking and eating more than doing pretty much anything else.

I learned to cook starting at the age of 12 while watching copious amounts of Food Network and obsessively imitating Martha Stewart (I was cool, you guys. I swear). Though my love for Martha has slowly simmered from ‘obsession’ to ‘fond remembrance,’ my love for cooking and eating has not. Through years of trial and error and a short stint at a culinary program in Italy, I have amassed a lot of recipes and a decent amount of knowledge about food, cooking, and entertaining that I would love to share with you, my gentle reader.

Puppy + Gin and Tonic=Happiness

I may not be a professional chef, but I have learned how to be one hell of a home cook and amateur foodie, all while getting through grad school, holding down a full time job, and dealing with the everyday ins and outs of being a full time adult (oh adulting. How I loath thee).

Cookies and Salt is not only a journal of my own adventures in the kitchen, but a place to see that good food and humor are possible no matter how crazy and weird life gets. So keep reading, but most importantly, keep eating.

Love, Jess and Frankie the Kitchen Dog

This is me wrestling Frankie into frame. She’s super happy about it.