About Me

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Hola mi amigos! My name is Jessica and I heart food. I am an avid home chef, who loves cooking and eating more than doing pretty much anything else.

I learned to cook starting at the age of 12 while watching copious amounts of Food Network and obsessively imitating Martha Stewart (I was cool, you guys. I swear). Though my love for Martha has slowly simmered from ‘obsession’ to ‘fond remembrance,’ my love for cooking and eating has not. Through years of trial and error and a short stint at a culinary program in Italy, I have amassed a lot of recipes and a decent amount of knowledge about food, cooking, and entertaining that I would love to share with you, my gentle reader.

I may not be a professional chef, but I have learned how to be one hell of a home cook and amateur foodie, all while getting through grad school, holding down a full time job, and dealing with the everyday ins and outs of being a full time adult (oh adulting. How I loath thee).

Cookies and Salt is not only a journal of my own adventures in the kitchen, but a place to see that good food and humor are possible no matter how crazy and weird life gets. So keep reading, but most importantly, keep eating.

Yours Truly, Jess